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Lembirik Group, LLC is an investment company that uses a value-oriented approach to wealth management. We seek to grow our capital at a higher rate than that of the general market as measured by the S&P 500, by purchasing stocks in companies, that trade below their intrinsic value. We invest in deep value stocks or asset plays: companies selling for less than their working capital.

We also invest in high-quality businesses that possess some form of competitive advantage: companies with high return on tangible assets.

We approach the stock market with the mindset of a business owner with a long-term perspective. Our emphasis is exclusively on quantitative and qualitative aspects of a business: the quality of a business franchise, the competence of its management, its earning power, etc. rather than factors we consider inherently unpredictable, such as the direction of the economy or the stock market’s sentiment.

Since we spend a great deal of time doing research, we focus our holdings on a small group of businesses. This concentration allows us to know what we own and outperform the benchmark. Diversification dilutes our knowledge. We believe in putting all your eggs in one basket, and watch it closely.

"Value in relation to price, not price alone, must determine your investment decisions. If you look to Mr Market as a creator of investment opportunities (where price departs from underlying value), you have the makings of a value investor. If you insist on looking to Mr Market for investment guidance however, you are probably best advised to hire someone else to manage your money."

Seth Klarman

Managing partner

Sid el mehdi lembirik

Sid El Mehdi Lembirik is the founder and managing partner of Lembirik Group, LLC with more than 10 years’ experience in the financial sector.

Prior to founding Lembirik Group in 2017, Mehdi held several key positions in different financial institutions and brokerage firms, gaining a deep understanding of the stock market dynamics, personal finance needs and investors’ psychology.

Mehdi’s work and articles have been featured on many well-known financial websites such as Nasdaq.com, Yahoo Finance, GuruFocus, ValueWalk … etc.

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