The Moroccan Eldorado! Myth or Reality?

Canadian companies dominate the gold mining industry, 5 out of 10 largest companies are Canadians (Maya Gold and Silver is irrelevant), and also the biggest scandal in gold mining history was Canadian- a company called Bre-X Minerals.

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Interview with GuruFocus (Part 2)

We talked about value investing for the passive vs active investor, valuation metrics, Lembirik Group’s investment philosophy among other interesting topics. is engaged in the business of financial news, commentaries, research and publishing for value investors.

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Snap Inc

Unfortunately, for every IPO like Microsoft that turns out to be a success, there are thousands of losers. Similar to a lottery ticket, we only focus on the few winners but we conveniently overlook the fact that thousands of people lose every day. An intelligent investor should conclude that IPO does not stand for “Initial Public Offering” only, but also “It’s Probably Overpriced”.

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