What We Do

Our Philosophy

  • We follow a value approach: buying stocks in companies when their intrinsic value is higher than the market price.
  • We pick stocks based on a careful fundamental analysis, not popularity.
  • We follow a bottom-up approach. We are not in the business of predicting market fluctuations.

Our Promise

  • The managing partner’s net worth is invested in the fund along with the partners.
  • We will keep permanent capital loss (not short-term market fluctuations) to an absolute minimum by seeking a large margin of safety in every position we invest in.


Valuing Our Performance

  • We are absolutely not promising any rate of return to partners. However, our aim is to beat those achieved by the general market over the long term.
  • The minimum holding period is one year. 
  • We are to be judged compared to the general market as measured by S&P 500.


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